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Alabama Methodist Church
Built in 1895 and located on Highway 2 northeast of Bernice in the Weldon Community, the Alabama Methodist Church was active until 1950. The orginal pews and pulpit are in excellent condition, strong and sturdy. Since it was put on the National Registry it has been maintained and is in good condition. It has an adjacent cemetery that has been used for many years by the congregation and the Baptist church is just up the hill. Recently, the church has been used for weddings.

Baldwin House
Early 1900's

The Balwin House is off Highway 167 South about two miles south of Bernice. It was built by the Baldwin family in the early 1900s. It has two main rooms (a front room and a kitchen) and a smaller side room, used for the children in the family. It now belongs to Jack and Winnie Baldwin. Jack's mother and aunt have quilted many quilts in the Baldwin House. The Baldwins currently use it as as bed and breakfast.

Bernice Depot Museum
4th Street & Railroad Avenue

The Bernice Depot was built when the Rock Island Railroad was routed through the town. It was bought and restored by Corney Creek Pork Festival, donated to the town, and the block was made into a park. A caboose was later purchased and placed on the rails that remained at the depot. The caboose now houses a collection of antique children's toys. 

Bernice Civic Clubhouse
4th & Cedar Streets, National Register

Built in 1938 by the Bernice Civic Club, this rustic lodge-style National Register building continues to serve as a meeting palce for local functions, meetings, and other activities. It is currenty operated by the Bernice Service Club.

Garland House
Queen Ann Style, National Register

The Garland House was owned by Dr. Garland for many years. In 1957, Mrs. Loy Reeder bought the house and furnished it in period furniture. Mrs. Reeder is an avid rose gardener and keeps two rose beds on the property.

Heard House
Greek, National Register

This 1904 white, two-story Colonial Revival home was built for Joseph W. Heard by J.T. Crews, contractor and first mayor of Bernice. Heard, who was the brother of Governor William Wright Heard, moved to Bernice from Old Shiloh and established a merchantile business. His daughter, Margie, and her hushand, Dr. M.W. Laurence, Sr., lived here for many years. In 1991, Minor Patton and his wife Lana purchased and restored the home.

Sweet Onion House

The Sweet Onion was built in 1865, by
Mrs. Twyla Moore's father and has remained in the family ever since. Mrs. Moore lived there until she constructed a home down the road. Her grandaughter and husband, Leroy and Becky Stensil, purchased and restored it. They have much of the furniture from the original home. They also have a barn that dates back to the original house. 

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Warehouse No. 1
Corner Holly & 3rd Streets

Originally built as a cotton warehouse and later used for storage of surplus government cotton and wheat, this early 20th century building is being renovated as a civic center. It is owned by Bernice Storage and Warehouse, leased to the town of Bernice and administered by Bernice Industrial Development Corporation (BIDCO).